Experience a traditional midsummer celebration with us!

Our midsummer celebration is very popular and appreciated by as well the big as the small.


Ronneby Havscamping is a popular tourist destination during midsummer. We have a wide range of activities at the camping, among other things we dress at 12: 00 midsummerpole where everyone is welcome to help. In the afternoon we gather again when it is time to dust off the classic songs and dance around the midsummerpole!

Swedens National Day

On Thursday, Karlskrona’s famous ”Leaf Market” always occurs. This has been a tradition since the beginning of the 20th century. During ”Leaf Market” Stortorget and the city streets are filled with market traders, food and entertainment for the whole family in a fun folk festival. Do not miss this!

Important information
Pre-booking Midsummer weekend needs to be at least Thursday-Sunday.
During midsummer, it should be quiet at 24:00 (otherwhise 23:00). Quiet means that all music must be switched off and one should talk in normal volume. Party tents are prohibited due to safety restrictions.

Guests who visit us during midsummer have priority to book the same place next year. This benefit only applies if you book by Sunday, the Midsummer week.

Keep in mind that Ronneby Havscamping is a family campsite of which the recommended age is minimum 23 years.

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Midsummer Eve
12 am. Dressing of the Maypole.
3 pm. Traditionel dance around the Maypole.


Make sure to get here in time
We have a visitor’s parking lot right outside the campsite. Visitors who do not live at the campsite can park there. But keep in mind that the places are quickly filled up on Midsummer Eve, so make sure to be in good time.

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